A Complete Editorial & Graphics Team

INCase, LLC is Nat Case and Ingrid Case. We form a complete editorial and graphics team, specializing in information and lay-reader interpretation.

In short, we make sense. 

We make sense where sense is hard to find, where confusion and information over-saturation are the norm. We don’t do big data or jargon. We look for simple, elegant truths in the thickets of text and graphics we are faced with, and we create an environment where the reader and viewer are gently, comfortably pulled through to see that truth.

Broadly speaking, Ingrid handles text, and Nat handles graphics, but we meddle in each other’s work as needed.

About Ingrid

I'm a journalist, writer, and development and copy editor. Most of my work is in finance and business, though I sometimes stray outside those fields. I strive for clear, concise, detailed text that vividly tells the story, whether it's a tale of a changing industry or the story of a client's business.

About Nat

"I love maps." I hear that a lot at parties. I’ve been making maps for a quarter century, and yes, I Iove maps too. But the basis of my work is that I love a well-made print publication: a book, a brochure, a folded map piece, or a poster.